Motion Plus power button issue (Vol 2)

I have the motion + with 36.38 firmware

I can power on with a single press but in order to power off I have to press several times the button and sometimes it cannot shut off . I tried 1-2-3-4-5 seconds hold and I still cannot find how it works.

I suppose its a firmware issue? Any suggestions how to fix this since I would not wish to return it.

The auto power off is working ok (10 minutes)

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I do not have the motion plus and not sure how long you have had this device but it must be less than 18 months though by your comments.

I think the first thing I would is check if there is anybody else that had this issue on the forum here and over at the soundcore forum.

I think you could always spray some compressed air to verify no debris is there ( which there probably is none)

Then contact to see if they have heard this issue.

I am not sure how the firmware is downloaded but if possible, I would redo it to make sure that was not the issue or if there is a new firmware ready as well…

I have the Motion+

To turn on a brief press.

To turn off I have to press hold for about 2.5 seconds.

Normally it is around 2-3 sec hold until you hear the power down sound, does power off via the app work fine?

You could reach out to with your serial and they might be able to force a reflash of your firmware, if the issue started around the time firmware was updated.

If it takes more than a 5-second press to turn it off then something must be wrong

Hi all thanks for your responses.

After several attempts I found that I need to press power button much harder to power it off.
To trun it on I just press it till I hear the click. To turn off it needs almost twice force for some reason. So now I found this I am ok

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Good to know your now sorted :ok_hand:

Lol. I am glad it was something easy. It sound like you were going to have a little more issue but was simple as not pressing it that hard. Lol

“Pressing too hard” sometimes is leading to problems! :rofl:

Good you found a solution but not sure I believe it.

The button is not a physical up/down button it should not respond physically differently based on pressure. It should respond logically only differently on time pressed, a shorter one to turn on, a longer one to turn off (so not easily accidentally knocked to turn off).

If you’re having to press harder to turn off then its a sign the button is not working well and not transmitting the pressing for 2-3 seconds (that mine requires).

Personally I’d recommend a warranty replacement sooner than later, if you’re having to apply a lot of pressure for a long time, I predict it will eventually not turn on. The extra force particularly, combined with duration, will likely cause the button to be the first part to fail before a normal life.

However if warranty replacement is challenging for you, I’d stop using the power button to turn it off so the (my prediction) limited time til it won’t turn on is extended.

I have the Motion+, a light brief press to turn on, a light 2-3 second press to turn off… if mine was out of warranty and turning off became unreliable, I’d let it auto turn off via disconnecting bluetooth so the button has maximum life just for the press on function.