Motion+ keeps stealing the audio away from my Airpods

I have an iPhone XR connected to Airpods Pro and a Soundcore Motion+. When I’m listening to music on the Airpods, after a few minutes the music will automatically switch to the Motion+. To get the audio back in my Airpods, I have to open Apple Music, tap the Bluetooth output icon and re-select Airpods. Then after about 5-10 minutes, the musc will switch back to the Motion+.

If I disconnect the Bluetooth connection for the Motion+, then it continues to play on the Airpods. However, if I leave the room and come back in, my iPhone automatically re-connects to the Motion+ and audio output goes there.

The only solution appears to be to completely turn off the Motion+ if I want to listen to a different Bluetooth audio device.

Is there any way to lower the priority of the Motion+ Bluetooth device, so if Airpods are available, it will use those instead?

@quinn5 We are so sorry to know the issue you met with SoundCore Motion+ speaker. While we regret that there’s not a way to lower the priority of the Motion+ speaker, but you can try resetting the Motion+ by holding the Bluetooth and Volume+ button at the same time for 5-10S until the Motion+ is restarted to test again.