Motion detectors in the UK

Eufycam, when are you intending to sell the motion detector in the UK?

I’ve been reading your camera installation tips and the threads on the limitations of the PIR triggers on these cameras and my two front cameras aren’t performing anything like eufy suggest they should.

The 2C camera mounting is flawed compared to the my 2E cameras. The 2C screw mount when fixed to a horizontal surface such as the roof over hang doesn’t allow as much horizontal positioning as the 2E camera mount, on the 2E the mount has a cut out to allow more horizontal elevation, why was that cut out removed on the 2C?

Consequently the 2C camera stares mostly down at the ground and misses a lot of activity on the driveway. It even managed to miss my wife getting in the car :expressionless:. The camera is mounted around 7 foot from the ground.

My front door camera is also mounted around 7 foot above the ground and offset from the front door by around 2~3 feet to the left of the door, most of the recordings show someone magically appear within a couple of feet of the front door, but I’m not always guaranteed this camera will capture visitors. The homebase is about 7 foot away from this camera, with no walls separating the two.

I’ve set the activity zone coverage, upped the sensity and tweaked the power management, still poor performance though.

I don’t want to litter the front of the house with expensive cameras to improve the triggering so I’m hoping the motion sensor will help fill in the holes of this weak security system.


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