Motion B dual speaker stereo Review🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Motion B dual speaker stereo Review​:star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

First let me just start off by saying wow!
I have had this set of motion b speakers for about 2 weeks now and I have been very impressed with their performance. They get slightly louder than soundcore 2 and also have great bass response.

I cannot say enough how impressed I am with the audio quality. Great highs mids and lows. they produce audio quality that you would expect from a much more expensive speaker. One time out of the 30 or 40 times I have used them so far they were slightly out of sync but that problem was easily corrected after a reset by turning the speakers off and back on and I think it was my fault for turning the speakers on when they were too far apart from each other.

Anker promises a 12 hour battery life with these speakers and they do not disappoint, listening at 80% volume brought me across the 12 hour mark no problem. 80% volume is more than enough for most listening situations these speakers Get Loud! Although the soundcore 2 has a 24-hour battery life if you plan on using these speakers in stereo mode (wirelessly connecting two speakers together) then a 12-hour battery life is it worth while trade off.

I really like the redesigned exterior of the speakers with a rounded Grill and rounded edges on all sides the elimination of the pull tab on the charge port/aux cover rubberized exterior coating and base port on the back. The elimination of the pull tab allows me to slip the speakers into their Anker soundcore case (SOLD SEPARATELY) better and does not result in a bent tab from storing the speakers in their cases. The speakers also have soft rubber feet to eliminate vibrations when placed on a hard surface I feel Anker really took their time and released a well-thought-out well designed speaker.

Due to their small size and Great Sound these have become my new go-to travel speakers. I would and have recommend the motion b speaker/s to anyone that lives an active outdoor lifestyle that is looking for a highly portable great sounding bluetooth speaker. they are also ipx7 rated dust proof and waterproof and can be fully submerged in water. Or cleaned off with a hose or in your kitchen sink I could really go on and on about this speaker but I’ll spare you :joy: if you have any questions about this speaker please feel free to ask I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Water submersion test coming soon stay tuned.


Excellent review and pics. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Nice job, love that you were able to test the pairing mode. I have been thoroughly impressed with their latest round of speakers and headphones. They seem more focused on sound quality and usability with the battery life and waterproofness

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Any lag in any of the speakers when paired in stereo?


No, they are perfectly synced, there was one time by a fraction of a second but like I said I think that was my fault for turning on both speakers when they were about 20 feet apart. I immediately fix the problem by turning both speakers off then turning them back on closer together. Ideally when turning the speakers on they should be close to each other then you can move them wherever you would like.

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Great review and pics. I’m really liking the color of these! :thumbsup:

I’m hoping to see this speaker available in more colors soon but have not heard anything about that so far. Black does look good tho it has been the standard for about two years now with the Soundcore 2 Sport XL ect. Same rubberized coating that looks great and feels good in the hand.

Great review! I love the fact that all new speakers enable stereo pairing! It’s a nice upgrade to the Soundcore 2!