Motiin+ Cannot connect to Android app

Hi all, on the first time I was able to connect to the android app my motion+.
After switch off and on app says device not connected. But the speaker is connected and able to play any music or movie. Only device cannot get connect.

Tried unpair and paired again, no change.
Cleared the app data still no change.

Anyone encountered same issue or any solution to this?

It has latest firmware. My OS is Android 9, Xiaomi 9T, miui Ver. 11.

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Try to do this

  1. Restart your phone and see if Soundcore App detects the motion+, else do below

  2. Delete the Soundcore App completely from your phone.

  3. Remove Soundcore Motion+ from your device’s Bluetooth history and ensure it’s less than 3 feet away. Then try pairing again.

  4. Install the app again.

  5. Try to see if the Soundcore App is now finds /detects the Motion +

Do let us know!

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Hi, Thank you for the reply, it suddenly got connect. I don’t know how but it did work. Next time something occurs similar I’ll keep these steps in the mind. Thank you again.


Glad it’s working for you!!

Hey @Shash_Jayawardena_II glad you’re all working.
@Shenoy has this effect on tech, even though you need his great advice, just the fact he responded was enough :grinning:

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Thank you @paulstevenewing for very kind words :relaxed:

But looks like there was no input needed in this case, @Shash_Jayawardena_II got it working themselves! :+1:

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