Mother’s Day Special | Use PowerBucks to Get Her a Gift!

Hey, Anker fans!

We all love moms, don’t we? Those special people who gave us life and care for us deserve more than just one day a year. But even Mother’s Day, the dedicated time to show mom your appreciation, sneaks up on us fast.

That’s why we’re here with our top recommendations for Mother’s Day gifts. And to make it even easier to make Mom’s day this year, we’re letting you pay with your PowerBucks!

We’re randomly choosing six winners to get their Mother’s Day gifts in exchange for PowerBucks. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us which of the following products you’d like to get for Mom, and you’ll be entered to win!

Nebula Prizm
5500 PowerBucks | $169.99 Value
Give mom a cinema experience at home.

Soundcore Flare
2500 PowerBucks | $64.99 Value
Light up Mother’s Day with a beat-driven light show.

eufy Smart Scale

1500 PowerBucks | $44.99 Value
A holistic daily report for health-conscious moms.

PowerCore 10000 PD
1500 PowerBucks | $45.99 Value
Give mom more time away from the wall.

PowerCore 5000
750 PowerBucks | $21.99 Value
Fits perfectly in mom’s purse, pack, or pocket.

eufy Lumos Smart Bulb
500 PowerBucks | $15.74 Value
Let mom control the lights directly from her phone.

Let us know below which gift you’d like to see show up at mom’s door this Mother’s Day, and we’ll get back to you with the winner’s list on May 9th, 2019.

Good Luck!


  1. Leave a comment below letting us know which product you’d most like to get for Mom in exchange for PowerBucks. Tell us why you think your mom would appreciate it!

  2. One product exchange per winner.

  3. Required PowerBucks will be withdrawn from winner accounts within 3 business days after the winning announcement.

  4. This event ends on May 8th, 2019 at 12:00 AM PDT. Winners will be announced on May 9th.

  5. Open to residents in the US, Canada, and Germany.

  6. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Mother’s Day Exchange Event | Winners

Thanks everybody for your patience and support! It’s time to announce the winners of our Mother’s Day PowerBucks exchange event:

@Shenoy is exchanging 500 PowerBucks for a eufy Lumos Smart Bulb.

@Ice1 is exchanging 500 PowerBucks for a eufy Lumos Smart Bulb.

@joshuad11 is exchanging 1500 PowerBucks for a PowerCore 10000 PD.

@Tank is exchanging 1500 PowerBucks for a PowerCore 10000 PD.

@TechnicallyWell is exchanging 1500 PowerBucks for a PowerCore 10000 PD.

Congratulations! All the required PowerBucks will be withdrawn from accounts within 3 business days.

Thanks again for taking part in this event. Be sure to keep an eye on the community for the next one, and your next chance to win!


At first I thought everyone was going to be able to select an item (with enough PowerBucks, of course), but then I realized there were only six winners. :grin: Still, allowing members to purchase products directly with their PowerBucks is a great idea, @AnkerTechnical! :thumbsup:

I think my mom would like PowerCore 10000 PD the best because her current power bank does not fast charge and it’s losing its capacity.

If I don’t win this, I’ll probably get her PowerPort Atom PD 2 because her computer could benefit from a faster 60W charge. :heart:


Cool event @AnkerTechnical would be good to see a few more like these popping up for future ‘special days’ :slight_smile:


Great idea and something that will be warmly welcomed by the entire community :clap:t2::+1:t2:

My mum isn’t very tech savvy and I’ve already sorted her with anker stuff for her phone - charger, cables and power bank.

Now where is my plough :thinking: need to start farming :joy:


My mum passed away many many years ago.
But I remember I bought here a SONY walkman in the 80’ies.
Great to see the old lady sitting in the garden and listen LvB,.


I would choose nebula prism. So my mother could watch some movies together with her sons :blush::heart_eyes:

So you should get some more bucks! :grin:

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Why not UK?

It’s not like you did something for our mums! Are British mums not worthy?

Not that I want a nebula… Oops, not that my dead mum wants a nebula (long story, but no love lost). I’m not sure how many have the bucks for one. … Why so many for a single flare? I know I could get 2, but … See pic

The bucks are more for the flare.
Plus, a lot of.places it’s almost 2 for 1 on the flares.

Hope you get your mum’s something nice, to reflect the love they’ve given you.

I’d choose the Soundcore Flare but I don’t have enough powerbucks

I would go for a FLARE, not enough bucks.
If you borrow me some Mac, I will take part for you!


I would get my mom the PowerCore 10000 PD, she’s currently using an old powerbank that barely charges her new phone. So at least with this she could fully charge her phone and do so rather quickly with PD.

I would get my mom the PowerCore 10000 PD so she can keep her Chromebook charged. :blush:


Good Luck everyone! I hope we get some deserving winners!

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Great giveaway. If I only had enough points to give everyone’s mom here a prize. Good luck to all who enter


Nowhere near enough bucks to win anything, but good luck to everyone that enters and gets something for their mom! Awesome idea


It’s a great idea to be able to buy Anker items with powerbucks for Mother’s Day Event!!! Version of powerdraw :slight_smile:

Will love to give my mom a eufy Lumos Smart Bulb , she would not use any of others listed


Another Great event @AnkerTechnical, thanks for that :clap:

My mom can use Smart Bulbs, but need four at least to fill important places. Hope I can chose more of these, if I win this :grin:

This will give her peace of mind when she is away and home too… one less thing to worry about.


Is this where this month auction bucks are going??
I want an auction lol
And I want an auction for …
New robovac because mine is broke lol

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I don’t want any of these.

I am curious how many members have 5500 powerbucks. Less than 10 I think