Most used product?

What is everyone’s most-used Anker product, and why? I’ve found that I often use some of the products that I’ve bought for situations that I would not have originally expected. For example, I bought a SoundCore Sport XL this summer, and used it while camping with friends. Now that a) it’s winter in New England and b) I’m at school, I use it every day in the shower (and I never used to listen to music in the shower).

Aside from some of the obvious answers/use cases like cables and wall chargers, what products do you use the most frequently, and what do you use them for? Is it what you expected to be using them for?


The power banks (I have 3 from Anker :grin:), for obvious reasons. Beyond that, my SoundBuds Curves.

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I use Anker’s micro usb cable everyday :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Are the Soundbuds Curves good? I have the SoundBuds Tag, and while I love the convenience, they don’t always feel terribly secure in my ears, and they have some weird background static when they are on (especially when pairing). I still use them, since they’re great for blocking noise on the subway/walking around the city, but I’m considering a different pair if they can resolve some of my complaints.

I also use the Anker forums every day, LOL :joy:

Yeah I’ve only had them a week but I really like them. The sound quality is much better than I expected for $18 and the fit is one of the most comfortable I’ve felt in earbuds. Very secure without feeling cumbersome or too tight. Of course, YMMV but their tips are the perfect size for me.

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Used every day:

  • Soundbuds Life and/or Soundbuds Slim+. Most used: Life.
  • Powerport of some description: Powerport 10,5,4, Fusion. Most used: 10 as its at home.
  • Powerline of some description.

Used some days, more so when travelling:

  • Powercore of some description: 5000 Slim, Mini+ , 6700, 10000, 26800. If you had to rip out of my tight grip hands it would be the 10000 as its most compact for its capacity.

Used the least:

  • Soundcore. It isn’t that Soundcore is bad it is that Soundbuds are so good. If I had to keep 1 product it would be the Nano. Once I got the Life it just eclipsed all use cases for speakers for me.

I love the Soundbuds Life so much I won a community competition for $150 and got 3 of them and gifted them to family, and when I see the family, they are using them all the time like me. Round the neck when dont need, one ear used when need a bit of awareness, both in to isolate fully from noise.

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My PowerCore 5000 & 10400 and SoundBuds Tag, aside from the cables and PowerDrive, that is.

So you don’t find that the neck component of the Soundbuds Life gets in the way? I’ve never owned a pair of earbuds with the neckpiece (not sure what the right name for it would be), partly because I thought that it might bother me. Do you feel the weight, or forget that it’s there?

Life just works. The weight on the neck is spread across the whole neck and you don’t notice it. When you go to 1-bud mode as the neckband rests on the neck your head moves left/right without dragging the bud out of your ear. Then 2-bud both ears mode works well.

It is surprising, when I saw the product I had all those concerns you mentioned, but it just works, very well.


I use my Zolo Liberty+ and my soundbuds surge daily when at work. I also use the soundcore Nano when at home and in the shower. I use Ankers powerline+ micro usb cable daily. And I also now use my Eufy Genie daily since I win it a few weeks ago. O, I also use my powerport 5 with usbc on a daily basis as well.

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What do you use forum for?

My most used Anker product is probably the Anker PowerCore Slim 5000 power bank. It’s very comfortable in my pocket and it’s so easy to just grab and go.

I also have the [Anker PowerPort 5] ( set up in the center of my home and use it every day to charge the gadgets in my household.

+1 just for this beaut of a quote :sunglasses:

How are the Zolo Liberty+? I have a pair of Samsung IconX (gen1), and while I love the true wireless nature of them, their battery life (especially of the case) leaves a bit to be desired. What’s the sound quality like? Does the ambient noise feature work well? What about earbud controls? I’m considering getting a pair and passing my IconX on to a friend, but I’m not entirely sold on them just yet.

I own desktop chargers and BT-speakers from ANKER.
Both I use daily & I like them as these are working properly for more than 2 years now.

And not to forget :
My incredible new torch!
It helps me a lot to find my beer in the basement! :slight_smile:

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My power bank and a close second is my USB to Type C adapter because I use it on my MacBook. They work as expected too. I am confident that if I ever need anything else, I look to Anker first!

I will be posting my review come this weekend, if I forget someone smack me haha. But it should be up this weekend, so watch for it

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Definitely my SoundCore Sport XL, it’s in my shower from a year :smiley:
And I take about a shower a day with my favorite music.

I love that thing - the battery lasts a ridiculously long time. Every time I go to check if it needs a charge, it’s only lost a third of its battery at most.