More USB-PD devices needed

I’ve bought several Anker wall and portable chargers (and lightning cables) to keep the family’s devices charged at home and during travel. 5V/2.4A has been sufficient, and PowerIQ has worked well for our needs. Having just bought a Nintendo Switch and reading up on USB-C, coming across the discussion surrounding Benson Leung/Nathan K’s tests and reviews, looking for a way to charge my Dell XPS 13 9350 via USB-C, and the possibility of the next iPhone employing this connector, I feel like Anker would do well to focus on USB-PD and really clarify what their products support.

I just bought the PowerPort+ 5 USB-C with USB Power Delivery (Model A2053111) along with PowerLine USB-C cables, should be here tomorrow and will test these out. From my research so far, this PowerPort+ appears to be the only Anker device that supports USB-C with Power Delivery, supplying 15V/3A (and apparently even 20V/2.25A). It would be great to have a few more options, perhaps a smaller PowerPort2 size, and even better, one with dual USB-C PD ports.

Also, portable batteries that can provide the full USB-C PD spec are in demand, let’s have something from Anker to compete with the RAVPower RP-PB058/RP-PB059 :slight_smile:

Yeah, PD is really what every USB-C battery pack or charger should have, since PD can charge your phone or laptop or pretty much every Type-C device.

I think a Type-C PD battery pack should also be there. Make it a whole lot more useful.

I’m keener on more 3A output USB-C than I am on the USB-PD higher profiles, and the USB-C port shapes being more prevalent.

A case in point is I’m going a quick day trip out moving for about 14 hours and just with my USB-C mobile and if I take a mains charger and a battery I have to carry a microUSB cable, because Anker does NOT MAKE a USB-C output and input portable powerbank like a USB-C only Slim. Even the “coming in May” latest Powercore II 1000 is not USB.

I note there are USB-PD chargers coming but it’s still a mess where Anker is not offering USB-C ports option across the full product line.

Some of Anker’s USB-PD products have taken a beating in reviews by Benson/Nathan. It’s time for Anker to release new wall and battery chargers that fully support the official USB-PD spec, without glitchy controllers or firmware. There’s a large market for this stuff right now already, and the rumored switch of the next iPhone to a USB-C type connector (instead of USB-A, not replacing the Lightning connector) will make this market explode. Let’s get ahead of it, Anker! :slight_smile:

They just released one. You can learn more about it here. I’m excited! Seems like a great portable charger compared to the competition.