More than ridiculous!

Now “WhatsApp” will determine if there are fake news about COVID-19 and decide about.
That’s more than ridiculous.

Who is “WhatsApp”?
Who rules “WhatsApp”?
Who decides there about fake or not fake?

The human beings should be kept away more and more from independent thinking.
There was an article about this new “WhatsApp” feature in a German computer magazine.
The next step will be WhatsApp censorship : They will forbid you to read those things THEY dont like!


WhatsApp is a Facebook company.
So i wouldnt trust them as far as i could through them!
Virtually of course :rofl:


Yes, it is Facebook… maybe their next plan is to start reading your texts and censoring anyone who talks about fake COVID-19 news.
Bring back AIM!


Ah, but its end to end encrypted @TechnicallyWell
So there’s no way they can spy on us is there?..:rofl:

Just in case there’s any misunderstanding this is a sarcastic comment :face_with_monocle:


I don’t like this at all. I’ll stick with iMessage


@TechMan iMessage ftw :laughing:


I use Whatsapp, and it is a great tool for personal communication with friends and family. Now has a business side to it, adding chat capability between businesses and customers.

but that is it… i try to keep away from any groups or any forwards, Whatsapp may be using some algorithm to keep a check on forwards being circulated, and stop them while still being sent. Hope they don’t stop genuine messages and create more mess.

May be because Whatsapp is now owned by the single largest social media FakeBook… hmm… i mean Facebook :slight_smile:

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Fake-book you say @Shenoy :rofl:
I love a bit of Whatsapp, its my go-to messaging service.
Even my iPhone friends use it over iMessage, and who on earth uses SMS anymore apart from TV shows and charity requests.

I love the group aspect especially as we have a close small group of immediate friends, 8 couples.
We have an all, boys and the girls have a group, works well until you send a “boys” message to the “all” group :flushed:

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yes, that triggers and enables the auto censorship by the better half :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Whatsapp is so much better than iMessage… Only if Apple had iMessage opened to all the platforms, it could have been a game changer, and no one would use Whatsapp… and unfortunately that has not happened fully, and Whatsapp will continue to reign as best single chat app for masses

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Reality decides of course what is fake or not.

You can thus ignore everything apart from direct imperical observations and say “I don’t know” to the great many things so distant to be able to observe.

Mankind have so often been told the “one and only truth”, which has been detected as huge lies after…

Indeed but you are in charge of what you believe. I take a view nothing is true until either it’s unimportant or I find multiple independent repeatable evidence.

The analogy I use is someone walks up to me and announces they have a cat.

As their cat ownership is not important to me, I’d take their statement as sufficient evidence.

If they said they had 20 cats, I’d be more skeptical and ask to see a photo.

If they said they had a cat which sang Yanki Doodle Frankie while ice skating, I’d ask to go see their cat.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Then take one of the biggest lies. 1.9B people think Allah is real and Mohammed is the greatest prophet, with Jesus as a lesser prophet. Meanwhile 2.3B people think Jesus was real and the son of God. They can’t be both correct, so either 1.9B or 2.3B people are wrong. That proves many people can be made to think a false thing is true. Therefore probably all such claims are false.

The existence of religion proves the gullibility of mankind. The least wrong person would not accept any claims, they’d have fewer opinions but be less wrong.

WhatsApp and other means to spread false information is just a further demonstration on human gullibility.

It’s not ridiculous. What is ridiculous is that idiots are posting ‘news’ that Corona virus is caused by 5g masts and that even bigger idiots are believing it and the still bigger idiots like the OP think nothing should be done about it. Fake news is a real problem and it leads to disasters like Trump, brexit, anti-vaxxers etc. The freedom of people to spread fake news is an oppression to those of us who want real, fact-based news.


That is an oxymoron.
“News” means of all the billions of things that occurred today, it is only the ones that someone who is paid to find the items which sell, to pay their wage, which are aligned with the demographics of the viewership to pull in advertisement, which are seen.

As viewers seek out bad news, they thus cause bad news.

The only real truth is what you see directly, emperical observation, the next best is from someone who demonstrates finding truth above what it means. The lowest is what has passed through the digestive bias tract of a news editor from a journalist from someone who called the journalist.

I’d trust a person who has glee when they were proved wrong as they cared what was true. That’s common in scientists.

And you need to interpret it.
This depends on how you think, how you are educated and most important your experience of life.
And even after all this : you could be wrong,

“Who is infallible throw the first stone!”

This never happened in the IRC rooms haha