More than 4 cameras

I wanted to add camera number 5 to Home Base. Unfortunately I was informed that 4 cameras is the maximum. Why is this limited by Anker? I’m using Apple HomeKit with 2TB storage… I have 4 cameras from Anker and another two from another manufacturer and everything works, so the limitation is obviously on Anker’s side.

Hi @us12 the Homebase supports up to 16 cameras per base. Have you tried reaching out to with the issue you are having?

As @ndalby mentioned the homebase supports up to 16 cameras so there should be no reason why you cannot add more cameras, the only thing is you have to make sure they are compatible with the homebase that you have.

Hi. I described the problem wrong. The limitation to 4 cameras is in HomeKit mode. But Apple allows up to 5 cameras on a 2TB plan… That’s why I don’t understand the four-camera limit.