More New Products from Mynt

A couple new products have recently appeared on Mynt’s Amazon storefront.

Wearable Heating Wrap

Key Details

  • Use Anywhere: A USB 2.0 connection means you can plug-in, and warm up practically anywhere – from the office, to the great outdoors.
  • Intuitive Interface: A single button interface allows you to effortlessly power-on and cycle through 3 color-coded temperatures.
  • Desirable Design: Made from micro-velvet, for a finish that’s soft to skin. Washable, for long-term hygienic performance.
  • Wear Discreetly: Wear under a coat, or scarf for discrete heat – anytime, anywhere. Adjustable clasp buttons fit practically anyone.
  • What You Get: Wearable Heating Wrap, Carry / Washing Bag, USB Extension Cable (1m), Owner’s Manual, 12 month warranty & fan favourite support.

Price: Regularly $25, Currently Save $3 with Coupon

Amazon Link:

Heating Cushion

Key Details

  • Warm Up Anywhere: A lightweight and portable design is perfect for warming up anywhere – from the car, to the office, to the great outdoors.
  • Utility USB: A USB connector and 1m extension cable means you can plug into a computer, wall charger, or even a power bank.
  • Simple Controls: A single button controls everything. Hold to turn on / off, and press to cycle through 3 color-coded heat settings.
  • Comfort Build: A soft and washable dual micro-velvet design feels good against skin and stays completely clean.
  • What You Get: Heating Cushion, Carry / Washing Bag, USB Extension Cable (1m), Owner’s Manual, 12 month warranty & fan favourite support.

Price: Regularly $25, Currently Save $3 with Coupon

Amazon link:

Are you interested in any of these new releases from Mynt? Let us know!


Those are pretty interesting. Not a bad price neither. So after there is no rechargeable battery that powers these… you literally have to plug it into a USB charger like a power bank or wall charger. I like how Mynt is thinking. I have their Cordless Massager and love it. Especially for the exceptional cold weather that we’ve been having, these would be very useful. I’d rather use these then turn on the heater because they tend to dry me out. :stuck_out_tongue: Well done Anker/Mynt.


Both look decent and inexpensive. Working overnight on events can get cold so I would use the wrap and the Mrs would cwtch up to that pillow :thumbsup:

Good find @joshuad11

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Look interesting. I wonder how well they work.

Could be nice at a cold football game. Too bad the season is over :frowning:

I really interested in the Wearable Heating Wrap! Our office is so cold, we just said we’d better put on more clothes!:laughing::sunglasses:


It looks interesting but I don’t see any reason why I should use it. I mean in my region it is not so cold.

I like these. But my issue isn’t core heating, it’s fingers. I’d love a device for keeping my hands warm when working in extreme conditions.

I wonder if the wearable heating wrap would be good for shoulder tension. Cause friiiicccckkk I have a ton of that lol.

The heating wrap looks interesting. Could be good for muscle injury’s when alternated with a cool pack…

Cold is democracy.

Stronger and bigger people need it colder to not sweat. The smaller can add clothes and heating.

Then everyone happy.

Lock the thermostat away from thin lady!

Look very interesting.!!!:sunglasses:

These are perfect for winter, hope they will be available in the UK.

Take your own portable heaters and plug em in! :wink:

The USB factor makes it ideal for portability.

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wearable heating wrap looks interesting. hahaha, im curious to see how it is when put on

I am definitely interested in the seat cushion. We recently purchased a new car with no frills and I miss the seat warmers we had in our old car. I think the seat warming cushion would also be great for outdoor sporting events, just bring along a power bank. Sitting for a couple of hours on cold bleacher seats is not fun! I find it so interesting that these are washable and would still work after going through the wash. How do you do that, ANKER?

Wow thanks for sharing, these look pretty interesting!

Removable sleeves…