More Eufy light products coming?

I like the price and size of the Eufy lights but neither is quite what I’m looking for.

I’m looking for lights which are plug-in and come when the power goes out and there is movement. This not quite what either of the two current Eufy lights do. One comes on when there is motion and it is dark, another comes when its dark.

The situation is when there is a power outage and all the lights go out, you’d want to move around and have these lights then come as you move around.

Probably the battery powered stick on is closet to my needs but wondering if anything else is coming.

I didn’t win the Eufy stick on lights :frowning:

We will do sweepstakes again on this product!:grin:

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I’m sure there will be but chances of winning is quite low.

This reminded me to update my post to add the Eufy lights

What Battery Technology do you propose Anker put into these devices. I think supercapacitors would be a good option. As you know lithium cells do not like being stored at full charge & Lead acid are too big. I agree that a plug-in emergency motion sensing light would be highly useful and desirable. A few switches on the back wouldn’t hurt either such as adjustable motion sensing, light output duration & auto power off/light on.

Capacitors would make good sense, because they output a higher lighter then dimmer as the human eye adjusts to the dark after the power outage. I have “stand lights” on my dynamo powered bike lights, they work perfectly fine without batteries for the problem I described.

Most lithium cells spend most of their life at full charge. That’s the whole point. Think of a torch, you keep it charged for when you want to use it.

Of course I was thinking more of the longevity of the light. As lithium cells especially ones stored at full charge begin to lose their capacity relatively quickly around 10% a year. I guess a replaceable 18650 would also do and are highly accessible and cheap but would not be as Slim.

Anker with the current stick-on use AAA so you can go with NiMh rechargeable if you want, most would go with Alkaline.

There are also smaller than 18650

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