More Anker for Auto

I’d love to see some hubs and splitters made for cigarette lighter ports in cars.
I’m in the market for something like that, and it’s such a shame I can’t buy Anker for this yet!
One part of it is Anker’s reliability and performance, and the other big part is the sleekness. All these other options are clunky looking.

That’s a chunky boi lol

Anker use to sell something similar on Amazon but it’s been a while. You can always get a 5 port usb hub still at some Walmart or eBay


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I have one of those 5 port, most newer cars have two 12V now, front and back to react to the more gadgets in vehicles. In most road trips that’s enough, usually a multiple USB port for phone / tablets, and (rarer need now) an inverter for AC.

The last 500 mile trip if did the 5 port was ample for everything.

I usually keep 2 car chargers in my car. And both have dual ports

I’d like to see a model with at least one 12v cigarette port as well