mono mode with two motion+ speakers

Hi. I have two soundcore motion + speakers which have been firmware upgraded. They pair to my turntable in tws /stereo mode.

The motion + website says this ;
By pairing two Motion+ speakers, you expand your options—full stereo sound or double the volume—while controlling both speakers via a single device.

Id like to place these in different areas and use in a mono mode to have the whole sound out of both speakers. Any way i can do this? Im assuming its doable as the product page seems to think so!


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I don’t think this will be doable. Since they pair in stereo and are not PartyCast capable, they’ll always either pair (in stereo) or run individually. PartyCast is the only way I know you can pair 2 (or more) speakers together and have mono audio

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I dont think you can do that.
May be by using a splitter and cables.
The motion + can be paired in stereo mode only via bt.
Other models from soundcore got that Party cast you could realize your idea,

Thanks for the replies.I followed this problem up with anker support.
They have sent me instructions on how to get full sound from both speakers or to reverse left and right. Basically you just tap the main speaker bluetooth button twice and it seamlessly shifts between left-right, right left and full sound from both.
There is no audible feedback its happening but ive confirmed with left right channel test on youtube.
I have tested this and it works. Full marks to anker support for the solution.

I have no idea why they wouldnt include instructions to do this with the units, its an awesome feature and would be a deal breaker for some.
Speakers are awesome btw.


Glad to read that you were able to get your problem solved and that Anker Support was so helpful and had the answer for you.

Good that you got a satisfying solution.
Could not test it, because I only got one speaker

Good to know there is a hidden feature. But yes I sure believe they should’ve included this. I think you should post the solution in the main thread for everyone to see right at the beginning

Excellent information and works great - nice find and thank you! Absolutely amazing speaker technology!