Mod Approval

EVERY post needs Mod approval?
Which seems to take up to 3 days?


@BillR I think its only if it’s a new thread/topic post, when you post in an existing thread it shows straight away. I’m fairly new here so I could be wrong.

For new users, yes. Once you reach level 3 I believe, the moderation approval stops.

Should be in the faq or guidelines.

Untill you grow elder you have to face these restrictions. Additionaly you can not post more than 3 comments on the same thread! Rules!

Probably to deter spamming

It should not be Long before you leveling. Go to power draw and there is a section there on leveling

Trust me, brand new hours-old accounts with 1 post get through many times. The anti-spam functions here are anaemic random.

I can see from both sides, however, to give a new Anker/Eufy user a more positive experience and to show this community is one of the best, the (multiple) admins need to be more active and approve genuine posts quicker. If there is a new (potential) Anker/Eufy consumer/user that has a query or issue and needs to be responded to quickly that is a make or break decision, then that could be a loss to this community.

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There’s 3 issues right now:

  • The Admin (Anker employee) is under-staffed, there is hiring process we’ve yet to see meaningful outcomes.
  • The two mods are part-time, not Anker employees, and have other day jobs, they do an amazing job given that.

  • The Mod approval trigger is mis-firing. On the one hand it is letting obvious spammers through instantly, and yet it blocks genuinely interested. I suggest this last point needs attention once the 1st point is addressed so the 2nd point is about-right.

Anker’s focus on social media, they pivoted towards once this community was started, I find baffling. It implies you can grow sales through superficial messages all hype and attention to presentation, the exact opposite of how I decide what to purchase.

On the other hand, look how much busier this place becomes when there’s free stuff, there are few innocents.


This is may be the reason, we few are really quite alone here.

But I like it, we are such a little, neat family meanwhile.
Having a lot of fun, even without “watts and volts”.
Lets wait if there is a donation.
We will grow for a while.


Lol I believe you :rofl:

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Well seems like I really struck a nerve here.
But nevermind I’ve already shipped them back to Amazon. I’ll try something else.

Credit cards equals free for a month
Amazon equals free trial for a month
It’s a win-win

didn’t know there was a rule for new users but it some what make sense so they can’t spam themselves to higher rank. But at the same time I can see why newer user have issue with this. Maybe let it post if it get out of control the mod can delete it instead of waiting for 3 day for it to post?

You can experiment to feel what it is like - create another user account and post. The mod approval flag feels random and hence unfair.

A new user in India can create an account, do no reading, no searching, then post, goes unmoderated, and then edit to insert a link - i.e. spam. Yet another new user can search, read, then their post has to be moderated. The spammers get a green light to do harm.

The moderated flagging trigger system is bizarrely mis-firing.

Waiting for an admin to come here and focus on the whole topic.

I think part of the approval can be due to time it was posted. If it is the weekend, there could be a tend for Anker Admin may not be working during those times. Thus the delay in approval of the post.

There is some benefit to having the post approved from level 0 to 3. A new user may make a thread instead of replying to a thread. A created thread may not be thought out and has no themed information or context to the thread. I have seen threads created that said something like hi and I like soundcore. The approvals can give the admin time.

Sometimes the delay give you time to read others post and threads to figure out how to create a decent thread or learn from what others have posted (IE duplication of threads and etc)

Just bear with the process and soon you will be at level 3.

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Admin and Mod is different user permissions. The Mods “work” every day but the Admin seems to never work weekends.

The Admin assigns some users moderator priviliges, currently 2 mods.

Given the Level 0 members get posts through, the whole admin needs a thorough review. It should be that all L0 members need moderating but it is letting some through which shouldn’t.

Either that or the mods are letting obviously spam posts through.

So fundamentally it’s lack of Admin attention to fix the community.

The mods are pretty attentive, but sometimes I think adding a 3rd may help on the odd when both current mods busy.

There is also the small matter that the mods don’t have access to that section…or quite a few other things which could make things easier (for both us and them sometimes….possibly… :man_shrugging:)


Duane, the Soundcore community you’re a mod in is setup differently to here. Also the Soundcore community admin exists, while here…

Well I do not know the mod setup here vs where I am at soundcore.

I will say that there is a little more mod ability on Soundcore based on a conversation of an issue that affected both sites

LOL, oops, we thought people like clicking the tiny hyperlinks that spammers add to punctuation marks! :rofl: