Mistake on amazon

Can someone explain why they are both $69.99 on amazon when the forum shows $25.99 and $19.99 i just want to notify anker so that they can fix this mistake

It is not a mistake. They are only sold at that price for roughly 24 hours after they are initially released.

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but why are they both 69.99

Because that’s what they were priced at initially.

ok but then why does anker say that it is $25.99 and $19.99

Oh we are not defending Anker, you have a product when it is FIRST on Anker for a ridiculously high price practically no knowledgeable person would ever pay, just for a short time, that then lets then cross it out and show the discount.

The point is that the usual price has dropped for a short time now.

This practice, in USA of using the original very short duration ridiculously high price, is illegal in UK where you must show only against its usual price. Example of the Powertouch 10.

Lies, damn lies, and marketing.


now i get it…

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@mmengel770 Nearly every product on amazon is like this and all sellers do this to show a “discounted” price. But it’s instituted by amazon to drive more sales. I randomly searched backpacks and you see the same thing

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Yep, it’s pretty much the SOP for Amazon US, UK is different as @nigelhealy has mentioned.

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I would be ok if for example they had the Pro for $100 as it is on Walmart, but not any higher. That’s ridiculous

Even though you’d have to be an idiot to think something like that would ever sell at those kinds of prices, it is nice to know how much the product is actually on sale for.