Missing video

Ok I have used the security system for about a month and I have noticed that it no longer records my wife and I leaving in the car in the morning. Everything before and after is ok. Does this system recognize us?

I want the system to record everything as I have regular issue with the neighbour and I don’t want it to recognize the neighbour and just stop recording him as well.

This is strange. Contact support for help.

Are you not getting notifications of motion detection? As suggested, contact support.

@yamyam Is quite invested in the EufyCam system so they may be able to offer some suggestions…though as @kumar.sachin has mentioned it might also be worth reaching out to support@eufylife.com by email or on the Live Chat service under the contact section of the EufyLife website…


Thank you… I actually love the product but its getting weird… Oh and I can’t seem to order additional camera’s in Canada. Any idea’s?

I will wait till support opens… and call them


The system (or better say homebase) just recognizes you, if you are

  1. using the Homebase which got A.I. included (the first original version of the Homebase, not the one which comes with the current eufycam E kits)
  2. and then EVERY face is recognized! (if the cam can catch it) … If you got the face of your wife and yourself saved in the app as “familiar faces”, then the system will STILL(!) record every video BUT may not notificate you! So it doesnt matter if the cam recognize or know your face and ur wifes or not, it will normaly record EVERYTHING. The facial recognition is only made for set notifications on/off. Means: You may want to be informed every time a face is recognized, but NOT if your own face is detected, therefore this feature is made. But every video is recorded, as you can read here too:

(Note: Evercam got renamed to EufyCam - so don’t wonder) :grin:

Normaly it always helps with eufycam if you check for the latest firmware, then update it if out of date, then format the SD-Card (attention: all videos will be lost then!) and restart the whole system.

If its not working again then … you will need to contact support@eufylife.com


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Another “problem” could be, that you and your wife are OUT OF RANGE to be motion detected by the cam. This would explain why other event before and after get recorded but you both not. Just an idea.

The range (in my personal experience) for motion detection is about 5 meters = 16,4 feet. You may ask eufy how much this “RIP sensors detection zone” should be.

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The last suggestion i would have about why you are both not recorded while everyone else is, would be…

… that you and your wife do not emit
body heat and are undeads! :scream:



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Honestly , I am starting to regret the purchase. I can’t order camera’s and the recording of someone only last the time and then completely stops even if they are moving… I would expect it to close off the recording and start another unit the subject as left the range. Ive resorted to trying find people who have given up on the system and will sell me theirs.

I also can’t define the area for motion. with the except of an arbitration number of sensing.

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It depends on the motion sensitivity settings you have. Higher the setting (100) it senses any movement within the visible range (for camera)

motion detection zone is in Beta testing, coming to all users shortly

What the … ?! … Bro … do you know things we don’t know?! :joy:
Havn’t seen any update or feature firmware or any kind of statement about it for … MONTHS! See: +++ GENERAL eufycam TODO-LIST +++ - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community

So what makes you think that this function should come “to all users” and even more “shortly” ??? :laughing: We are all waiting for several features and fixes and imrpovements since more than half a year now and what happened?!

Not to talk about the promised range extender or any own solar panel.

So with the experiences about updates and firmware features of the past several months, your statement seems to be very … veryyyy … verrrrrryyyyyyy optimistic (at least to me). :worried:

C’mon bro… you are one of the strong believer in eufycam, please don’t loose hopes :grin:
Eufy obviously has list of upgrades and features that they want to bring to it’s users, and obviously they need to test them with limited group of people. Motion detection zones is one the of best feature eufy is going to add based on customer feedback and other means. Just sit tight and keep an eye it may be deployed any time to all users.
Disclaimer: I’m not commenting on behalf of eufy, it’s just my personal opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Bro … in the last months, since eufy cam has been launched to the market, eufy is doing EVERYTHING to bring supporter and believer like me to LOSE HOPES(!)

In my TO-DO thread they even havn’t said ANY SINGLE WORD or COMMENT or INFO in months(!).
They even could have said something or frequently inform us and keep us updated!
Like: “Hey, sorry for the silence and missing updates and communbications. We are hardly busy in the background and will bring everything to ask for and requested as soon as possible and as soon as it has been tested and be ready for launch! Be patient please, updates, features and fixes to come!”

Update and especially information and community-support/communication/PR fails hardcore since kickstarter campaign is over and the product is on market. Thats what my experience and feelings are about the current situation with eufycam.

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Yeah, I understand the frustration and agree with you some cases. But this is probably learning curve that most companies go through during new product launch, more or less. May be they are afraid to comment on something that may not be released or suitable for the product ? and not 100% sure it will work out…:thinking: