Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs vs. Pages

Time for another comparison showdown.

Do you use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Pages and why?

I use all 3. I use primarily Google Docs because I love that it’s cloud stored, and I can view it from any device easily. When I need more advanced formatting, or when my teachers require a .docx file, I bust out my old copy of Office 2010. I use Pages on my iPad Mini just because Apple optimized it a ton. Word and Google Docs lag on my iPad to the point that it’s unusable. Pages is the only stable thing on my aged iPad.

What program do you use, and why?

Word/Office at work and Google docs for anything personal. Too many people still use Office for us to be able to switch, which is a shame.

Office and Office 365 for work.

Pretty much Word all the way for me. Never really warmed to Pages and Google Docs is fine and dandy but not if I’m not near the Internet, plus my flash drive is always with me on my keys :grin:

I’m the same as @CraigW, Office for work and Google Docs for home. I do have Office 365 installed on my home pc ( I get it free through work) but all my stuff is kept on drive, I’m used to it :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan of Office, but I’m stuck with it at work.


Work is into Office365 so its Onedrive for storing in the cloud and then Word etc

Personally I prefer Google Docs as it syncs better across a very broad range of devices and has better offline and collaboration features.

Go say try 2 people (or yourself in 2 browsers with diffferent accounts) editing in Word vs Docs. Docs is much better at handling conflicting edits than Word.

I use Google Docs the most right now because of cloud storage and its ways of viewing. I don’t really like the formatting in it but I have to live with it because it has the best overall positivity.

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I use Microsoft Word

Pages is not for professionals and is by far the worst in my opinion. However, on an iPad, that may be different. But, I don’t think iPads are even close to being efficient for work vs laptops, especially with significant software limitations.

I generally use Microsoft Word for larger personal documents. And then Google Docs for everything else since I can access it on any device & its backed up to the cloud so I won’t lose anything. :slight_smile: