Microsoft patents innovative magnetic USB-C Surface connector


Aren’t there HUNDREDS of sellers, selling g magnetic USBC cables, which have 2 parts… 1 the magnetised USBC end, and 2, the rest of the cable.

Why yes, yes there are many magnetized USB c leads… But the difference between this and those is that the others rely on the pressure from the insert itself going into the port and a separate magnetized cable, where the Microsoft one relies on the magnets to keep the cable in place but it can also still be used with regular cables.
Basically this works the same way apples mag connector works in that the magnets do all the work.


Except it will break if enough pressure is applied. USB-C connectors are longer than Apple’s Mags were, and since this is simply a common USB-C connector with magnets on the sides, a sudden vertical force will break wither the connector or the device, where Apple’s shallow connector would detach before the break happens.

Nice try, but I wouldn’t trust it like I trusted Apple’s Mag.

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Yes this is true but the same aplies for Any cable that gets plugged in whether it’s held with magnets or not. Regular cables if vertical force is applied will also break so no real difference there.

I personally like the two part magnetic cables provided they are made properly and don’t create excessive heat on the connector ends like those currently on the market

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