Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Msn Email Accounts Hacked

Just read the article about user’s Microsoft Email accounts were hacked / emails being read for about 6% of user’s accounts.

How many of you use Microsoft accounts? Did you guys receive any emails from Microsoft for the update?

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Damn I just got a Microsoft email account a few days ago for the Bing rewards :joy:

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I don’t use Microsoft emails :grin:. I use gmail, and iCloud :joy:

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Well good thing I don’t use the microsoft email I have for rewards :joy:

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I still use my msn email account I opened many many many years ago, due to it short domain (… I didn’t receive any emails from Microsoft… however does not mean it is not hacked… More information might come to light when security consultants or researchers force Microsoft to release more info

Glad I dont have any sensitive material there

Fingers crossed, I too use Gmail extensively, literally everything is on Gmail… Will be a disaster if Gmail were to be hacked

I only use gmail as a junk email :joy:. iCloud Is my Main. And since it’s apple, it’s super secure :joy:

Lucky you… but it was not until there were some lapses… remember the scandal back in 2014,

It’s still the most secure service :grin:

To be honest, I dont trust anything as secure on the web… Nothing is secure… But I do not have option but to use them…

Everything is secure and hardened, until one fine day, for a researcher to expose what’s been happening :smile:

That’s why I really like this Kickstarter project

But we can do it even today… Build a NAS drive at home, attach it to Asus Router or a Linux laptop or a Raspberry Pi and VPN to it and access the files… plus you control A to Z of it…

Did you pre-order it already on Kickstarter / Indiegogo?

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Did you read the Kickstarter page? It tells you why it is far superior to an NAS.

I have not ordered it yet. I am still considering building an NAS with a raspberry pi. It’s more affordable :grin:

The problem is the VPN costs money… the Cubbit has auto-encryption…

I watched the video and description and got the gist of what it tries to provide… I do not usually go into the yada-yada-yada as these are just the marketing stuff…

VPN is FREE if you build your own VPN server :grin:

I have my own Private VPN server plus building my personal webserver, mail server and more

Building ourselves is the best option :slight_smile: and always economic

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One of my biggest problems is the cost of the VPN…

I guess I could build my own VPN… but don’t I have to have it on a different WiFi connection? Or has the world moved on from that :joy:

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Of course, you will need Internet connection :slight_smile:

You can have it on the same network as your home network, I consider my home network as safe :smile: network with multiple firewalls and port-blocks…

Oh okay, cool.

So I need two raspberry pi’s, and an external hard drive… got it!

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I have another question. How’s the mobile interface for the NAS?

One Raspberry Pi + an external Hard drive should be good, with Open VPN setup on the Pi and port forward the VPN port from your home Router / Wifi Router… you are all set!

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