Microsoft launches Surface Duo in the U.S

Here comes the Duo… :grinning:

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I’m conflicted between thinking this is a bad idea Vs thinking I’m probably wrong and will love it.

Certainly intriguing.

My Android tablet does split screen and has a Windows like interference option, and I can get two screens with tablet+phone.

You don’t get one big screen for media consumption it’s two smaller screen, so bad for media, you don’t have the total freedom of placement of one big screen. It’s a puzzle what it can do any better.

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That looks like an exciting product, good share @Ice1
I think the screens will be a little small for some.

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For that price it needs better specs

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My 8 inch LTE tablet cost $300.

I don’t use is when I’m just with a small pocket, so why would I carry a thicker phone?

Seems like a bad idea, but I learned to be open minded. $1300 produces a

It needs to do something better than a tablet, given tablets been squeezed by big phones from below and Chromebook from above.

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I’m not even thinking of buying anything for a phone/tablet at $1300 cost… to that matter even a computer doesn’t make sense at that price for what I do.
I will just skip it.

These prices are getting out of hand lol. Granted, there are cheaper phones but they usually lack something

We agree paying $1300 for a phone is ridiculous. That money spent on something else will get you more reward, wether a tower PC, or a laptop. Even a high spec 12" tablet is less cost and gives you much more.


These devices need to exist to try ideas out, even if they bomb, something useful will come out of it, so while I won’t buy it, I’d be happy for others to buy it and prove / fail ideas.

So its good luck to Microsoft for something I’d not buy.

Make a lot of sense what you are saying, everyone can learn from their mistakes. Maybe in a couple of years Microsoft will be one of the big guys when it comes to phones :+1:

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It feels that a folding phone will fix its issues faster than Microsoft Duo. Both are expensive but the folding phone gives you one big screen the Duo doesn’t.

It does feel, but happy to be proved wrong, the Duo is doomed.

  • it’s too big folded to be in pocket, so it cannot fully replace a phone. So you’d have a phone anyway in addition.
  • it’s not one big display so cannot replace a tablet. So you’d likely have a phone to fit in pocket and some other larger screen device in your bag for media.
  • if you did want to merge devices, say merge tablet with phone, then a folding single display would ultimately win, probably Samsung would win on 3rd or 4th iteration of foling phone after more customer feedback.

I haven’t checked out many reviews on the Duo yet. If I had to choose between the Duo and the Fold 2 I would go for the Fold 2.
We will have to see if there will be problems with this folding display

I know you guys talked about prices but Dave or MKBHD made a video about it saying that it’s a first gen so for now it’s really something they are experimenting with. Maybe next gen will be better value for money. Which makes sense but yea for now it’s not something I want to buy. Would be great to buy something that expands to bigger screen and still fits in my pocket

The Duo is very different to folding. Duo is a variation on Android which has focused on dual screen.

Stock Android has had split screen for a few years, but there is little flexibility to move between the split.

Yes, I see there is a path to a 3rd gen something we’d buy.

My gut today is there a merger of the ideas of folding screens with the Duo ideas, so better split screen but retaining the ability for one big screen for media.

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