MicroSD Card Not Recognized in my Anker USB C Hub Adapter

The MicroSD port in my Anker USB C Hub Adapter (Model A8352) will not recognize any cards that I have. I’ve tried 10 different MicroSD cards and none of them are recognized. If I put them into an adapter, the full size SD carder on the port reads them fine. All of my other devices recognize the cards with no issue. I bought this particular unit because I wanted that functionality. I don’t want to have to fiddle with putting cards in an adapter each time I used them.

I actually exchanged this unit on Amazon and received my replacement today, thinking that the issue was with that particular unit. However, the new dock does the same thing. There obviously a major flaw with this dock. I’ll probably need to return it for another brand. Has anyone else had this issue?

Sounds like a big flaw. Try a different brand

You should say what product it is…

Thanks for letting me know…I see that I completely missed that and added it now!

Are you sure the card inserted the right way up?

A flashlight and a magnifying glass should see which side within has the pins.

This probably just looks like a bad product for you, try different brand in this case. The fact the cards work in an adapter means the cards are formatted acceptably for the OS which eliminates the most common cause, so it’s the dock’s fault, if a replacement failed then it’s just a bad product and choose different brand.

Brands share similar hardware within, if some other brand looks very similar… may have the identical problem…

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Could this be a power thing?
Do you get this result when the adaptor is connected to mains power?
I’ve taken a look at the less complimentary reviews on Amazon and none mention this issue. A few mentioned thats the adaptor needs to be connected to a mains power adaptor for certain features.
Just a thought!

Any updates? @Ron_Petroski

Hi Ron_Petroski,
I read somewhere (Amazon Review) that maybe windows is putting your hub in low power state. Go into device manager assuming you are admin to your own machine. I am not. However I do have admin rights to my machine - I choose not to be logged in as admin.
So in device manager right click the USB Host Controller that you think the Anker USB C Hub is plugged into and choose properties. Then choose Power Management Tab, uncheck “allow the computer to turn off device to save power” Click ok and try again.

Would it be bad to uncheck all Host controllers? No!
USB 1.1 to 2.0 is 500mAh = 2.5w. Most modern PCs have USB 3.0 or 3.1 being 900-1500mAh = 4.5-7.5 watts. So unless you have and old crappy 250w PSU and constantly have random shutdowns on your computer then yes, check them back on when done. Say you have a 550w, don’t sweat it.

Yes, that’s a pretty obvious thing though and you’d have to be pretty dumb not to know that

Thanks for the explanation…I tried this and it didn’t work. I’ve decided to return it at this point and go with another brand.

I’ve just ordered a different brand and gave up playing around with this one. Sending it back to Amazon. Thanks!

Hope your next hub works better :+1:

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You are welcome. I too hope your next brand is better.