Microphone use

Can I use a microphone. What size connection? 3.5mm?

Give us some information.
Where, what and because?
Thank you.

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Hey @sperrit7
As @Chiquinho mentions and also a photo / screen shot would help us help you.
All the best.

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What’s this thread regarding ?


Who ever knows?

@sperrit7 which model speaker are you referring to and are you wanting to use a corded mic with the speaker?

So many responses and users trying to help!
community is better than @AnkerSupport :smile:

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But the fellow who asked is mute!
May be that’s the reason he asked about a usage of a microphone! :rofl:

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Question with no details and gone mute :grinning:

Answer: Yes, you can use microphone and it’s 3.5mm :wink: