Micro USB to USB-C Adapter

This adapter uses 56K resistor which according to USB-C spec should correspond to USB Default of 500mA charge current. Yet my Nexus 5x charges at 1500mA per the Satechi USB-C meter and the Ampere app, My friend’s Galaxy S8 charges at 1800mA with the same adapter. How is this possible?

Hi @etron5000,
The 56K Ohm resistor will prevent a device from pulling more power than the charger can provide. So if the USB-C device can pull in 3 amps, the 56K Ohm resistor will prevent it from requesting 3 amps from a standard USB wall charger. This is because most USB Type-A ports were not designed for 3 amp charging. It does not necessarily limit the charging to 500mA.
There are some additional details here: https://plus.google.com/+BensonLeung/posts/HakwCMmd346
I hope this helps!

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OK. I understand. Looking into the adapter a little deeper, I measure the resistance between VBUS and CC1 is actually 61K (56k+5.1K in series). It seems the junction between the two resistors goes to pin 4 of the micro USB. Is this for s USB OTG pruposes?