Micro SD card

Hi all. I’ve just bought the indoor cam 2k, now I need the micro SD card.

Has anyone any thoughts on this? Best capacity, make, or any issues and would using the cloud be more use?

Thanks, Dave

try the dedicated community for Eufy security.

@davejp Depends how much footage / time period you are wanting to retain, larger SD card will give longer retention period (outside of exporting the footage).

A class10 card or higher is also recommended :slightly_smiling_face:

Isnt the capacity of the card limited (Fat32) from the software of that cam…
I remember such a discussion about issues with large capacities.
And he/she should buy one from a solid trademark. :smiley:

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Hmm I don’t know what’s the highest capacity your Eufy cam can handle but I’d try a 32gb just to be safe