Mic volume too low on Powerconf S3 when used via bluetooth

Does anyone else have an issue with their PowerConf S3 whereby people cannot hear you because the microphone volume is too low?

Its OK when used via USB / Windows PC, but if I try and use the device via bluetooth on my PC or bluetooth on my iPhone, the microphone volume is way to low and people struggle to hear me.

I’ve already had a replacement device sent by Anker but the replacement is no different.

Thinking its time to send it back for full refund and get a Jabra device…

@Joe.beeston have you tried adjusting the mic volume under your Windows sound settings to see if this improves when on BT connection?

Hi there, yes its on 100% volume and no difference. I have the same issue when BT connected to my iPhone so its not just a Windows issue.

Its a shame as I really rate Anker / Eufy products, unfortunately this product just isn’t quite there yet so I will be sending it back and getting a Jabra replacement.


Me too! I have same problem, PC/USB - no issue, Android/BT - people can barely hear me

I’ve got the same issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for advance !