Memorial Day

I’m sure not everyone here celebrates Memorial Day, but for those of you who do, What are you doing for Memorial Day?

I’m gonna be grilling some burgers outside (naturally). Maybe some watermelon, and other American specialties :grin:.

I’m also gonna make that long awaited trip to Walmart to buy a bunch of stuff. I’m going to get that Charger that’s on sale, as well as a bunch of stuff for cube modding.

I hope everyone here has a happy Memorial Day! (Even if you don’t celebrate it) :wink:

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Here in the UK, we have Armistice Day, traditionally… The 11th day, of the 11th month, at the 11th hour, we will remember them.

It’s generally celebrated with parades on the Sunday closest (and almost always the Sunday before) to the date. However, it’s not a national holiday.

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My dad is a veteran of Vietnam. He was in the US Army and retired from service after 23 years of active duty. Anyway he has passed on and I use this day to celebrate his life and service.


Happy Memorial Day to everyone


We are all very thankful for his service :wink:

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That’s a nice way to remember your dad dude. We are also thankful for your service Chief Petty Officer @dicejedi for your hard work at Puerto Rico helping the community there get their power back (even if I had to do your job at the office :joy: )