Member to basic user?

I don’t know if it’s just me who realized, but anyone who was a member became a basic user…

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Woohoo! I guess that’s great news?

We have/will be all reverted back to basic I think. There was an issue with permissions when you moved up the ranks :wink:

I was at member and went back to basic user as well.

Same here :confused:

I don’t even know how to tell what I am lol

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I’m basic too
.(°-°) /
. /. .\

Click on your profile on the top corner, then click on your name, then press expand and it should show you there

hmm what does it mean? heh anyway no biggie

Not much really, just a different phrasing due to recent updates/patches by the developers. Could change again in another update back to member. Functions still remain the same…

I guess I’m really confused, and have a misunderstanding. I thought that you had to be a member to even post on here… (or comment). Can someone fill me in on the concept I’m missing here? Thanks!

Basic user / member are the same thing, just different phrasing. If you are not registered on the community, you can’t post :slight_smile: