Mega raffle on eufy app

So under the eufy app, you can go the the 3 lined menu , you will see referral, it will take you to the referral section that will take you to a raffle ( spin the wheel, ).
First spin is free and others earned. Anyways, I got code fir a free month of protection plan plus. Anybody want it?


Thanks for sharing. Now I gotta get some friends lol


Thanks for sharing! :clap:

I thought the eufy security boasted subscription-less use? What would either plan entail?

Nice to see a raffle, but seems a lil sus no?

I think it is to hype up the referral reward program. You can go subscription-less but they do have a subscription plan as well. Ever so often I will click around the app when they do an update to see if something is new.

I think after I work a little bit at my job, I will go post the free month of protection plan on here as a first come/first served.

You get like 1 free token when you access the area from the app. The worst case is you do not win with the token and best case you win a homebase, door cam, and 4 cams.

Mine doesn’t show the referral section lol

But if I go to messages, it shows a section for Money for You, Security for Them which takes me to the referral page.

Interesting…I can not remeber are you in the US …

I also found it under the explore area

Is this still going on?

Oh my and which Eufy app are we talking about?

Eufy security app…sorry on that

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Sorry late response, but thank you!

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FYI They have just started it back up again

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Good to know! Thanks @Duane_Lester good luck if you try to win anything

Well if you have bought something then you get a raffle ticket even without buying something, you will get one freebee spin. I got a 25 percent off if anybody needs it

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