Mechanical Keyboards?

I was thinking, I kind of have a new growing obsession for keyboards and I love Anker. I took a look at some of the keyboards that Anker already has to offer. They look great but I’m more into mechanical keyboards. If Anker could make some sort of mechanical keyboard, then that would be awesome. What do you guys think? If Anker does choose to release one in the future, here are some suggestions:

  1. Mechanical keyboard

  2. Market it as gaming

  3. Use back lighting (preferably red or white)

  4. Use brown Cherry MX key stems

  5. Have the exterior of the keyboard be either strong plastic or aluminum (make it black, it looks good)

  6. Give an option to have a keyboard with a numpad or no numpad.

  7. Have the keys match the color scheme

  8. Letters on the keys should be transparent/translucent so the back lighting shines through

  9. (don’t brand the keyboard with a sea anchor, just write ANKER, try not to make it too big (also back lighting in that))

  10. Make the WASD keys a different color (possibly make them more grippy?) than the other keys, if the color scheme is black and red, use red for the WASD keys.

  11. Make the back lighting brightness adjustable

  12. Make the back lighting able to be turned on and off

  13. Make a gaming mode where only the WASD keys and the space bar light up (and maybe the arrow keys since some games use arrow keys instead of WASD)

  14. Make a mechanical keyboard and mouse bundle (stick to the same color scheme)

  15. Also, a windows key lock button so you don’t accidentally quit out of your game

  16. Add in a place on the keyboard where it indicates if caps locks is on, num lock is on, and scroll lock is on.

  17. Make some custom keys that are appealing to customers so it makes them want to buy them (the keys can say things like “like a boss” “a true gamer” “GAMING” “CS: GO” “Minecraft” “BO3” and other things like that)

  18. Add a optional kickstand in the back of the keyboard

  19. Use some rubber feat on the bottom of the keyboard so the keyboard doesn’t slide or scratch.

  20. Make a cutout on the bottom of the keyboard so the wire can be routed either to the left, right, or straight

  21. Use a high quality wire cover (such as the nylon and kevlar braided wire used for some of the USB to lightning cable wires)

  22. DO NOT make it a wireless keyboard, gamers like wired keyboards because they naturally have a faster response time

  23. Lastly, make it creative but something that a gamer would be looking forward to purchasing with the given price point

Anker, please make this possible. I love all of the Anker products and this one would just top them all. Comment below if there should be any other suggestions! :smile:


Sounds like an awesome idea! Additionally, I think Anker should consider RGB backlighting. And I would prefer Cherry MX Blue switches, but I know that’s personal preference.

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Great idea, so many good points I think I cried a bit. I think this would be a big seller…definitely needs separate gaming color keys from the color of all the other keys but it could be the color of the plastic key itself not just the back-light so whether using lighting or not they will stand out.

Reasonably priced would make it a good seller. The main gripe I have with mechanical keyboards is that they have a really high entry price for a basic looking keyboard. Most people don’t spend more than 30 bucks on a keyboard, and if they do it’s mostly for ergonomics so they can use it properly. I think the reason I haven’t gone mechanical is that a regular dome-key keyboard is quick enough for 99. 8% of tasks and the price is not worth that .2% for me.

I would agree with you on the price for sure but my son the gamer would like to disagree as he has spent $200 plus on a ps controller to allow him to keep up with other gamers online. As dylanharrigan suggested it would be marketed for gaming. Maybe they could have all the features suggested (albeit pricey features) in a “mechanical feel” keyboard for the rest of us.

Keyboards are very much you get what you pay for.

I do like mechanical keyboards, however the standard keyboard layout give me terrible RSI in my wrists if I use them for any more than an hour or two.

So I use a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. They fluctuate in price from around £30-£60 but I think nothing of paying this for comfort of using a keyboard all day.

Anker have done keyboards, but they have mostly been aimed at being portable. I’m not sure they want to start investing in the gaming sector just now.

Just want to add some thoughts in here without creating a new thread. I agree with Saad and Arwen. I’d love to see Anker produce a full size mechanical keyboard targeted at general purpose use as opposed to gaming. A keyboard without any led lighting, multiple coloured keys or colour schemes at a competitive price would be very attractive to me. Make it a wireless bundle with a mouse (like the existing Anker Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo) and I’d be sold. I know a few of my friends would be very interested in such a product too. We’d love to have mechanical keyboards but don’t like the idea of spending $100+ for features we don’t like (customizable LED lighting, WASD coloured keys etc).

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