Meaning of “sample claimed” on power user page?

I’ve been an Anker power user forever, or so it seems, so forgive my ignorance with this question- I’ve never seen this displayed before. On my power user page, there’s a Eufy bulb :bulb: listed except, underneath the product listing it shows “sample claimed” highlighted in grey. What does this mean?? I surely didn’t claim it, so I wonder: is it Anker/Eufy simply taunting me with this tease or what :interrobang:


wow a free samsple, never see it before.
Maybe there were only a few free samples and you was too late because other user claimed it before?

It means the allocated sample stock for the product has been claimed by other PU. If you had claimed it yourself, it would show under your ‘my sample’ section at the bottom of the PU page as ‘claimed’…


As I suspected …

What a tease they are (smh)!

means that the device is no longer available

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Definitely a tease, I also saw the same thing yesterday. Now all I got are discount codes for items I already have and reviewed

Sorry, it might be me. I claimed one yesterday from my poweruser page. Free sample was showing up on mine after a very long time.


I thought it meant someone else claimed the free sample.

And that right there is the correct answer! :thumbsup:

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Yeah, as others have said it means all allocated stock for PU samples have been used up. Keep checking back though, and if you have gone several months without a sample, email Rosa ( and she’ll put you on a list to receive a sample soon.

I claimed that free sample last night :smile:

I’ve never seen them add a sample so late at night…

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Never got that email or any notification regarding this, However, did get an email regarding a new Anker extension cord with usb charger port as a giveaway for longtime Power Users.

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This isn’t from emails, it’s for power users which is kn a separate page


same here, I saw this sample on Aug 9th night and claimed it :slight_smile:

So YOU’RE the reason behind such madness @cshenoy :interrobang: :confused: Boy, oh boy, oh boy :rolling_eyes: :wink:

There are certain number of samples available / released by Anker at a time, and whoever see them and claims them first, get them first :slight_smile: