Maybe the best use for a dash cam?

This weekend I went with my family to a parc, called Omega Park, where animals from the local fauna run free among the cars - most animals, they don’t let dangerous ones like wolves and such. It was not only a nice experience, but also arguably one of the best uses for a dash cam. Here’s some of the footage edited from my Roav C2:

Having learned my lesson from the first time I caught something interesting on camera but forgot to protect it, I got a nice view of several animals!

I have to say I was a little disappointed with the quality, though. I understand the main function of the dash cam is to register accidents and events that might be helped by video proof, so the camera is calibrated to enhance visibility on small stuff like registration plates. Still, I was expecting better colors and contrast from my C2. Maybe if the system let us calibrate it ourselves - offering some pre-defined options - it could appeal to both safety and leisure use.

Nevertheless, I’m glad I got the hang of the dash cam and have this nice video to show around!


Wow! the footage looks great. Why are you disappointed with the quality? I guess added features would be nice but it looks good. Now I want me a Roav Dashcam!


Great video, and I have to agree the footage couldook better but given the rainy/snowy day that is nothing but gloomy you can see it’s not all fault if the dashcam. Either way cool footage

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Wow! Great way to use the dash cam. That looks like a fun experience. Really cool how the animals don’t mind you being there. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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That is awesome! Thanks for sharing the videos. Cars don’t seem to the phase the local wildlife there at all!

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With such camera you can make really nice shots. If you want to get a picture of such animals in the “normal” way, you have to stand there and wait for a long time !

Can you put such a camera also on a motorcycle ? I am driving - or is it riding ? - a BMW R100R Classic …

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Dash cams can be mounted in a Bike, but honestly if you’re gonna do that your better off using a GoPro as you can record longer shots and have better pictures


Let’s say the photos from everyone else’s phones looked way better than the footage from the Roav C2. Then again, as I mentioned, shooting wildlife is not what dash cams were made for.

True. The convenience of not having to start and stop the recording is a big plus in this situation!

You can actually feed some of the animals - you can bring carrots or apples, or buy it at the parc’s entrance. It’s as amusing as it looks, but it’s also a little worrisome - you don’t want to hurt the animals, after all, and they won’t move so you can pass, you have to drive slowly around them. At some point, there was a hog mother with a bunch of its cubs running on the road. The little ones were so small it was hard to see them when they were closer. Trying to shoo them away has no effect whatsoever - they own the road and they know it!


So, they have not learned anything from our earlier talks about digital sharpening. How hard can it be? Does any of those newer cameras have option to select between untouched vs shitty picture quality?

Why would anyone sell nice hardware and kill it with bad code? Makes no sense.

I guess it’s just a matter of product target: digital sharpening makes sense for security footage, specially when reading small licence plates is important.

We need a new product target: dash cams for leisure recording.

The footage looks good compared to the plethora of cheap dash cams that flood Amazon. I had a cheap, generic one sent to me and the footage was so bad it was like watching a dodgy vhs tape that was on it’s last legs!

The colours was all washed out, numbers plates wasn’t even visible they were just a pixelated mess.

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