Maybe not charging?

When I plug my power core in to charge it, the individual battery lights light up one by one, then turn off, rinse and repeat. This is not the sign that they are charging, which is a different pattern. Is it charging? If not, then what is it doing? I have tried the supplied charger, the cable that’s used for the Samsung wireless charging pad, and a Nintendo switch ac adapter. All have the same issue.

I by no means am an expert, but you have tried with different cables / leads and still have a problem which 9 times outta 10 is the problem. You could maybe try leaving it connected for a bit longer to see if that has an effect (few hours). Maybe someone else could offer a different approach :thinking:

But I feel the outcome maybe that you will have to send a message to and explain your situation and provide them with your serial number and order info, if it’s within last 18months then you will be covered under warranty. Anker has the best customer support around so they will sort you out.

I’m hoping when you say rinse it you don’t mean with water :joy:

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Is it a PowerCore with a USB-C port? If so, pressing the power button prior to connecting the cable will set the USB-C port to output (to charge your Switch, for example).
You would want the unit to be off before connecting the charger if you want to recharge the PowerCore.

As @k_pug2003 mentioned, feel free to contact for further assistance.

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:fearful:After I typed my question I went to sleep with my switch charger plugged in. When I woke up it hadn’t made any progress. I’ll probably email support like you suggested. Oh, and no. I haven’t washed it with water yet. Do you think it’ll help? :laughing:

This is how my battery pack charges, leave it plugged in for at least 4 hours if not more and you will see that it will continue to do this until it’s fully charged.
When trying to power a usb c device, you have to press the Power button Before plugging it into your device to be charged, otherwise it can try to draw power from that device instead of charging it