May I tell you something about the custom of Advent here in Germany/Austria

Today is the 1. Advent.
Usually there is an Advent wreath with 4 candles on the table.
At the fourth Sunday before Christmas the celebration starts
by lightning the first candle.
Next Sunday 2 are lighted and so on.

Such one I would call typical, though there are “modern” ones meanwhile.



Happy 1st advent Franz.
My friends further north sent me this picture today of theirs.

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The have a beautiful one.
The photo I added was only an example.

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They also mention something about sweets they hide in kids shoes, but can’t recall if that’s a Christmas thing or the start of a new school term?

Its a St. Claus custom.
But not a real German one.
Here, if possible, St. Claus comes “in persona”. :wink:
Good job for students.
But this year, there will be not such one. :mask::cry:

Appreciate the share… Some of my ancestors came from Germany decent and nice to see those trafitions.

Always good to keep traditions going :+1:

My family lights candles at home as well. When I go home next I’ll take a pic but nice to see others having advent/Christmas traditions

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