Matte or Gloss Finish, what do you prefer?

I have many Anker Products, from speakers to USB adapters, and I have never been disappointed with performance, but I have not been impressed with certain products looks. I don’t know about you, but I strongly prefer a predominantly matte surface. Now, I do understand that the glossy surface may make the product look a little more luxurious, and the fact that
The glossy reflects light to catch people’s eyes, but every time I touch my gloss-finished USB-SD adapter, it gets fingerprints all over it. I believe that a trademark of new and advanced technology is a clean, pristine, polished surface, and I don’t think that the product should have to be wiped down with a microfiber cloth every time I use it. I have a PowerCore+ 26800 with matte surface and I really like it, and it feels more luxurious than my old Astro that had a glossy surface. But, I must say that Anker is an outstanding company, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future. Does anybody else prefer matte over glossy?


Matte. Glossy has felt cheap to me unless it’s real glass.

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I prefer glossy :grinning:

Prefer matt finishes myself for hands on items, glossy shows too many fingerprints and hairline scratches.

Matte 100%

prefer matt for fingerprint reasons

I like the looks of glossy. But I prefer matte because it doesn’t leave fingerprints as easily as glossy.

Definitely matte. Glossy just gets way to many fingerprints and makes every little scratch stand out!

Matte for mobile devices that have hands all over them constantly and are subject to bumps and knocks (like external batteries).

Gloss is OK for stationary items like TVs but even then, they tend to pick up reflections which can be distracting. Gloss looks nice but only when the finish is maintained and scratch-free.

My finish of choice is matte

I sure wish more designers would go back to the brushed aluminum finish. On a phone without a case it may show dents from drops but on other devices it stands the test of time. This CD changer is 23 years young and still can be cleaned up to look close to new, even sitting on a dusty shelf for all the years. It doesn’t attract dust like the magnetism of a plastic device and oily fingers do not seem to be an issue. every time I dust the bezel on my big TV it gets new fine scratches.

Much prefer a Matte finish rather than Glossy. Glossy can have a cheap-feel in comparison and Matte tends to have better ability to hide scratches etc whereas Glossy it ruins the finish easily.

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Matte all the way. As @bobbleheaderman said, fingerprints are one reason but I also think a matte finish just looks better.