Massive Zolo Liberty discount on Amazon U.K

Just spotted a whopping £80 off the Zolo Liberty wireless earphones on Amazon U.K. it’s only for the black ones and are selling for £59.99 instead of £139.99. This is by the far the biggest discount I’ve seen Anker offer on Amazon period!

Hope some of you get the chance to jump on this.

Amazon link:


Cracking find :ok_hand:

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This is a INCREDIBLE PRICE!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Save up to £80…what you are waiting for? lol :grinning:

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That’s half of the price they are is the U.S. :sob:

Wait a minute…

I do think this is a pretty good deal, but is it really incredible?

This is not Liberty+

60 pounds = about 80 dollars

Liberty in US retails for $100. It has been on sale for $80 before… so it seems to me that it is just the common 20% discount.

And keep in mind Liberty has had mixed reviews. They lack many of the flagship features of Liberty+ and I know many people (including myself) have had serious issues with regards to the fit and them staying in ears.

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