Massive RoboVac Savings! (US)

EufyHome currently has sales on a couple of their popular RoboVac models.
There are three main points to get at here.

  1. RoboVac 11c Pet (flagship model, rated 4.1 stars) down to $199 (33% off)
    RoboVac 11c Pet has a max suction power of 1200 Pa and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  2. 2nd Gen RoboVac 11+ (rated 4.3 stars) down to $199 (20% off, use coupon on listing)
    RoboVac 11+ has a max suction power of 1000 Pa and is NOT compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  3. I would NOT recommend buying the 1st Gen RoboVac 11+… some runs of production had a number of issues, it is on its way out, isn’t discounted, and holds an Amazon rating of 3.7 stars.

I personally have the RoboVac 11, and I like it, but there are a couple things I hope to see Anker address in future versions.

-Navigation: possibly utilize AI, machine learning so that it doesn’t get stuck in the same places all the time and so that it doesn’t clean one place 10 times before it cleans another once
-Zig zag mode would be nice
-Virtual barriers NOT strips like 11 Pet

I’m looking forward to RoboVac 12, hopefully later this year.


I have the first gen model and haven’t had any issues that would caused me to return it. Now that the pet version is out, I would have gotten that one instead.

Unless they give me A newer one to test or mine fails before the 18 months up I will be happily struck with this model.

I have been annoyed a few times. It gets stupid and stuborn at times and i have to get it unstuck from a corner or from under a chair when all it had to do was rotate a few times and try again.


2nd Gen RoboVac 11+ back down to $205 with coupon on listing.

RoboVac 11c Pet has been unavailable on Amazon for about a week now.