Mars II Pro USB Capabilities

What format(s) is the USB capable of using? Tried my Western Digital 5Tb with all my movies on it and it won’t read it. Tried to copy one movie to a 32gb USB3.0 stick formatted FAT32 and then of course I can’t copy the MP4 for some reason, only 2gb ish file size(think it’s a format issue). Will there be an update to the Mars II Pro with Android 7.2 or is this pricey “stand alone” product only useful with the apps previously loaded or with hacks? Not to happy with the physical capabilities of the product. Great picture and play time on battery…

This was answered earlier for Nebula Capsule but holds true for Mars as well. 2TB FAT32 partitions is the limit on Android 7.1 (and i believe on 7.2 as well) so create multiple partitions.

Check this solution here

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