Mars II Pro issues


I have two issues with my projector, it has the last software:

  1. When I open the Nebula Manager, I always get an error saying: An error ocurred. Then I click ok and it starts normally.
  2. When I try to AirPlay a movie from my iPhone’s youtube app, it never works

What can I do?



  1. Make sure to check the firmware is up to date on the Mars II PRO, can you give us the screenshot of the error for the Nebula Manager and the error code?

  2. Also for iOS, Airplay is limited / restricted for Copyrighted content, and will not work. Does any regular photo or youtube music video work or any video on your iPhone work?

Certain content may be unavailable for screen casting due to copyright restrictions. In this case, you can play the content directly by using the same app installed on your Nebula Mars II.

Note that Mars II PRO comes with YouTube Installed, why not simply try playing the movie via Youtube App.

Please give it a try and let us know!!

Also it may be worth sending these questions directly to Nebula Support


thanks a lot for the reply.

  1. I’m running p2_v3.0.32; don’t have a screenshot with me - it is just a an error screen saying “An error ocurred”, I click ok and it works fine and happens all the time