Mars II HDMI resolution and audio lag

I just bought the Mars II and have a couple of questions when I connect my computer to the Mars via HDMI:

  • The video and the audio are out of sync by about 0.5s. While I understand many devices usually have a delay due to processing and signal transmission, audio should have a delay to match the hdmi delay. It seems quite sloppy that audio would go out first and video would come out about half second afterwards. This seems like something that should be fixable via software, I hope Anker releases an update soon. This problem is HDMI only, and I’ve seen several people mentioning this. There is no such issue when playing things through the built in App.
  • I noticed something strange when connecting my Macbook to the projector: the video mode of the projector seems to change to 1920x1080. Is this an undocumented/unsupported feature? is this just wrong information that’s being displayed and I’m seeing a downscaled image?

These images show the message being displayed on screen, and an example of the outputted image (the DPI seems quite high for 720)

Anyways… I wonder I don’t see the audio/video sync issue mentioned more often. I was able to fix that by using my VLC settings, but this lag means the Mars II is unfit for some uses like connecting a video game console.

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Hopefully they can push an update and fix this issue

I have the Mars II and do not have any issues with using HDMI connected to my wife’s laptop. We use it quite often and audio sync issues annoy us so we would have noticed if ours did that.

I have seen the resolution 1920*1080, never paid much attention to it to be honest.

The delay is 0.5s or less, so it can be easily unnoticed. Mostly you’ll notice that, when people talks, voice sound comes slightly before mouths start moving :slight_smile: . But maybe the issue is cause by a different thing. I’ll do some experiments.

Update: I just played around a little bit and figured out the problem was not the HDMI connection but the Bluetooth audio connection.

If I connect my computer to the projector through HDMI and the projector to an external speaker through Bluetooth, the audio comes out delayed. The solution is to connect the speaker directly to the computer.

Strangely, the audio is not delayed if I play Netflix from the projector and connect a BT speaker.

I have the same problem… I’m really sad, because i had bought the mars II to play games and the audio lag is so big…
Wish that nebula fixes this in an future update soon, as soon as possible

On this post, it’s suggested that the delay is expected.

I’ve had the same delay issue using my JBL Partybox 100 as the bluetooth speaker on my Nebula Portable and using my PS3 to play DVDs and Blurays.

I have to say this is a major disappointment that this isn’t handled better by the Nebula, and there’s no direct control to tweak anything. The BT sound is ahead of the picture!

A part solution was to change the PS3’s audio to PCM, which is more aligned to what the projector was expecting.

As you can’t connect the speaker to the PS3 (as far as I’m aware :slight_smile: ) then I’m out of options otherwise.