mars freezing with usb plugged in

I just got a mars2 and I was playing around to see what it can do. I tried plugging a usb drive that I use with my jetstream box and it makes my box freeze at start up with the leafy home screen. The menu never loads. It will boot up if I pull the drive and do a reset. I am using a wd 2tb passport usb drive. I was trying to see if it would read 2 drives through a hub but it keeps freezing with just 1 connected directly… Thanks.

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention.

Normally, the Mars 2 could support up to 2TB USB drive. In your case, could you please try to plug the USB drive directly to the Mars 2 without a hub to see if it will work properly? Or please try a different USB drive.

If the issue remains, please contact us at for more technical support. Thank you!

Anker Support Team

I think it may be the way the drive is formatted. Caught an error message before the screen froze. I’ll see if I can reformat.