Mars 2 refurb questions

Hey all,
I bought a mars 2 last year, just recently the auto-focus stopped working, so I contacted support to see what could be done. Long story short it’s out of warranty, and can’t be fixed. Support offered me a refurb for $125 which I’m willing to do. The thing that is tripping me up is that the email is asking me to use paypal to send money and then they will send out a replacement. It just seems a little sketchy to me. Anyone else go through this? I just want to make sure I’m not getting screwed here.

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I havent had the need with Anker, but a lot of other companies I’ve bought from offer PayPal and I’ve used it without problem @Greg_Moore

If you’re really uneasy will they accept credit card payment instead?

Use it.
If there are any problems, let us know.
I am sure there will be no .

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