Manual missing!

If I pay several hundred euros for a camera
security system, I would like to have a detailed manual on it, in my own
language. In this case, German.
I asked especially before and the answer
was: Of course that’s there! Was it not, though. So now I have to spend many
hours searching forums, reading at Kickstarter, etc., to get the most urgent
questions answered. Sorry, but nothing like that can be done.
Since the system was also sold to Germany, there should be. Even speaking English doesn´t understand every word!.
In the campaign everything sounded more than perfect and now the answer to almost every problem that arises … there it is
our turn, it comes in an updatefirst of all, you should take up the
function that the cameras want to accommodate people who want to approach the
house. Without that, you can throw away the cameras! I am quite amazed and
outraged that the basic functions are faulty.

In everyone´s interest, support should answer these questions quickly…

The manual is on the product page.

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While I understand your frustration, have you tried messaging EufySupport on the Kickstarter pledge page? You can also use the live chat function of the website and/or send an email to for quick assistance with a digital copy of the manual for your device…


What product page would that be? There isn’t a product page that I’ve seen for the eufyCam.

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which product page??? I speak about a manual in german language!

support needs some days to give an short answer. I need a german manual, not the copy of the english one. Should be normal to give a manual in all languages of Countries you sell!

Deutschland ist nicht der Nabel der Welt, auch wenn manche es glauben.
Germany ist not the center of the universe, though some do think so.

Prost aus München & Frohe Weihnachten!


Sehr hilfreich…Ihre Meinung ist es auch nicht.

Have you received any communications from @AnkerOfficial or support as to your issue?