Making the best charging bank ever!

Hello everyone,

I’m planning on making a large charging bank in my living room consisting of the Anker USB 5 Port PowerPort. I want to get a bunch of cables mainly lightning and micro usb and all different lengths. Does any one have any suggestions on cable i should use?


Do you care about durability of cables? And also is it like a charging station?

I was hoping to look for something braided and long lasting as the cables may be pulled and tugged alot. Also yes, i am planning to make a charging bank

I would go withe the PowerLine+ from Anker. It is durable and can last lots of pulls and tugs. The only problem is the cable is more structured than free flowing like an Apple would be. But this would go away over time.

What lengths are they available in?

3ft, 6ft, and 10ft to my knowledge.

Thanks for that.

Im kind of new to cables and charging banks products as i mainly use the cables provided by the product manufacturers but i wanted to ask if certain cables have different charge speeds?

Yes I asked a question similar to this. I don’t think they have that much of a difference except for when the adapter is a Quick Charge. Don’t worry about it! I think maybe depending on how much you use a cable, it could get slower over time.

Thanks for all the help. I’ll post some pictures whenever I have finished the charging banks

I would love to see them! Let me know if you have any other questions!

It is a different set of decision criteria between a cable type to connect to a PowerPort vs a cable to connect to a Powercore.

Cables lose energy relative to quality and cable length, so there are two main approaches to this:

When you are connecting to a battery, it has stored energy which would become wasted if used with a long cable so you’d tend to pair with short USB cables of good quality.

For the Powerport 5 as it is mains powered you can afford to be wasteful with long cables, as via Anker VoltageBoost it will force up the voltage to make up for the losses in the longer wires, BUT it only as so much Ampage capability of 40W in total so if you were to have lots of long cables going to high-power devices (recharging USB batteries, and powering tablets, etc) then you could run out of Ampage from the Powerport5 overall.

I would advise therefore you go with placing the Powerport5 as near to where your devices will be and getting just long enough cables, that would usually involve say 1 1ft, say 4 3ft and say 1 6ft, and place items like USB battery on the 1ft, nearby devices on the 3ft and the device which needs to be furthest on the 6ft.

IF you’re thinking all cables being long, then consider using a higher Ampage Powerport like the Poweport 6 which as 12A of output rather than the Powerport 5 which has 8A output. At home the large size should be less of a problem.

In the living room the usual cause of cable wear of bending them up in a bag doesnt happen so I dont think you need the braided higher cost types they are more travel situations, I’d use just Powerline not the Powerline+ cables.

For travel situations go with Powerline+, as for if you’re using USB batteries, but go for the shortest cables you need.