Make room in your travel bag! Here comes Anker!


If you have a Anker 60W 10-Port USB Wall Charger in your travel bag, you’re a hacker and you will get stuck at customs!

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Speak from experience? Since it is below the 100 watt threshold for devices I winder why that is

I don’t understand why you would say this. There isn’t even a battery inside the device and airlines care a lot more about batteries than electronic devices.

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Wow $99.99 is something I would have to think about it before I would buy it.

It is safer to screen capture because if you look at the bottom it says

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Nope. Most hackers carry a laptop which looks harmless and they use remote servers they control. There is nothing in a hacker’s bag which would identify one. Possibly a USB bootable Linux image …

You probably mean a geek with 3 laptops, 2 tablets, 3 phones…

If you have a name like Aiden Pearce you’re a hacker :joy::joy::joy:

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You might be more suspicious, when you are carrying NO electronic devices at all.:sunglasses:

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The irony that it is actually viewed in a browser, yet you click on the view in browser in the upper right and poof dead end