Make GaN High power multi-port charger with PPS support

PowerPort Atom PD 4 is great, but still not perfect. It does not support PPS (Programmable Power Supply), so it cannot make fast charge to latest cellphones, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 plus and Sony Xperia 1.
If Anker could make a new generate for Atom PD 4 with PPS support and GaN power conversion chip, it will be great to have a product which can charge all modern devices at highest possible rate. For example, a laptop may need 65W, and a USB PD PPS required cell phone may also need 27W~30W to charge. If the user need to charge both of the device, 100W output in total is necessary.
The reference design from USD PD controller manufacturer is available now. I wish Anker to engineer the flagship product as soon as possible.


+1 for this

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I too am looking for the PPS support on future bricks. I like the look of the HyperJuice 100w 2x USB-C PD 3.0 and 2x USB-A 3.0 QC. But they also state. Only supports the basic standards. No Samsung Profiles, or any other specific proprietary manufacturer profiles. Smart. But still, smart PPS detection or any other well coded detection would be all it takes.

Having UPDATABLE FIRMWARE that we could flash on these, or any brick to help with custom profiles and specs would be useful. Especially for us POWERUSERS.

Link for reference to the item mentioned above. I Backed it and will be getting one when they start shipping.

There is another chipset that I have been keeping an eye on and Like what they have done in this specific device. I too own one of these and would like to see more devices support the full gamut of the profiles. Currently, there is no real ALL IN ONE CHARGING BRICK that supports all the profiles. I’ve been using a USB tester to switch profiles, but short of me grabbing another one (tester) I cant be 100% sure that the profiles are pushing through.

Link for the PPS device I mentioned above.

Also, Would be nice to have a detachable power cord similar to the way all the apple blocks are. An ANKER Braided Power cord with the same offset Compact Square Head they currently use. That way, I could keep a cable at the house, and grab the 2 pin adapter when traveling. Or buy a second cable for traveling etc.

This thread is old but I recently bought an Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim with PPS support. This version has two USB-C and two USB-A ports. I confirm that it is charging my Note 20 Ultra with “Super Fast Charging”.

I hope that the next Anker products will also support PPS - mainly power banks.

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Great, it’s $40 right now.