Make an sure you buy Anker reliable and safe

BBC News - Shoppers warned against buying cheap electronics online

It’s good we buy Anker, safe, reliable, and good we have the community so anyone has any concerns can air.

Some people are buying cheap unsafe items online.


Unfortunately its an effect of the interconnected world we live in.

1, Find something we think we need.
2, Google search the thing we think we need.
3, Buy the cheapest Google presents.

Finding and buying something stupid cheap is stupid.
Buying something 10-20% off is sensible.
And some of the fakes are only that, a little cheaper so easy to get caught.

Its a shame, the problem needs to be researched and caught at the root. Problem is trading standards probably has 2 staff covering the UK!


I wouldn’t buy anything from Wish lol. So many horror stories