Make a language specific thread and more (italian if possible). Creazione thread in italiano

I would create an Italian thread with Moderator permission, to help those who do not speak english.
I’m looking for answers from administrators and italian users.
Vorrei creare un thread in italiano con il permesso dei moderatori, per aiutare chi non ha padronanza della lingua.
Attendo risposte dagli amministratori e dagli utenti italiani.

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Hi @gicossrl , multi-language community threads/categories have been requested a few times recently but as mentioned by @AnkerOfficial in another thread, the community is still given priority to English based communication but may change in the future.

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We can post a simple single thread in another language?

There’s nothing stopping you posting in your native language but English is preferred to allow wider understanding of your posts and to encourage responses from other community members :smile:

hi, news for multilanguage?

None that I’ve heard of. You would be best sending a PM to @AnkerOfficial or an email to to see if this is on their radar for the upcoming new year…

I would have thought the problem was support and moderation, how can the two English-language moderators function in an Italian thread. There would have to be 2 moderators appointed for each language.

There is obviously nothing to stop someone writing in any language. One way to get around no specific language thread is a convention such as [ITALIA] at the start of the thread which then becomes for non-fluent a sign to ignore. e.g.

[ITALIA] Anker è molto buono

These are the countries Anker off its own site supports:

Hence: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese

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Agree 100%…

Das wäre entweder ein Weg oder die Verwendung von Google Chrome-Übersetzer-Erweiterungen
Ce serait une façon, soit cela ou l’utilisation des extensions de Google Chrome traduire
Esa sería una forma, ya sea eso o el uso de las extensiones de traducción de Google Chrome
Quello sarebbe un modo, sia quello che l’uso di Google Chrome per tradurre le estensioni

But even with this, depending on regional dialect, slang terms, abbreviation etc, certain things could still be unclear…

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Google translate always cracks me up, the different dialects and the way people talk gets lost in translation

Any news to italian or multilanguage treads?

I think it’s a good idea

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hi i know what your fealing

i know what your fealing