MagSafe Cables ... pleeeaaase

I really miss the MagSafe connection on my old MacBook. Having the charging cable connected magnetically seemed like such a logical idea and has saved my laptop from going flying across the room more times than I remember. With the switch to USB-C PD there are a growing number of magnetic connectors appearing on the market, but none that I’m willing to trust as yet. This is the closest to tempting me:

Any plans from Anker?

I’m hoping your wish comes true.

I’m skeptical they will. Magsafe helps prevent tight cable bends at the connector, and Anker has made a thing about durability, so it’s quite the diversion. Magnetic connectors struggle with high performance and data reliability which is also against much of Anker’s central marketing thrust to date.

Fingers crossed for you.

As to your problem with laptop cable yank, very familiar with that, I switched to use of Powercore locally rather than a long cable to avoid that situation.

I stored such old power supplies unit for macs.
That “magnetical connection” is really a nice feature, but you know APPLE, :roll_eyes:
New items , other cables.
New items, no more software updates for older ones…

Money only counts!
But all do the same way.