Magnetic Phone Grip (MagGo) — Unsolicited Review: Must-Have!

Hey there Anker-Fan Fam!

Got my first Anker Magnetic Phone Grip (MagGo) about a week ago and want to tell all of you about it.

This is the Interstellar Gray. It looks and behaves exactly as advertised.

The ring makes a comfortable grip from any direction. It’s firm enough to work as a stand in landscape and portrait. It’s easily removable and can be stowed handily in a separate pocket if it makes your phone too bulky.

Here it is attached to my iPhone 12 High-Noon. I appreciate how it frames the Apple logo.

The ring is difficult to deploy without removing the apparatus altogether.

My solution was to attach an unused Anker Cable Tie to the ring. This makes a great pull-strap.

When collapsed, the pull-strap is easily tucked out of the way.

Wish it came with something like this readymade! @AnkerOfficial

It’s great! And it appears Amazon is bundling them with the car mount and the desk charger:


Thanks for the review. Looks pretty good. Did you have a MagSafe case on your iPhone? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Yep! Oh — Good question — the case is an Apple Leather case; it has MagSafe too.

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Why would you want it? What does it do?


Handy for those with Magsafe chargers


The Amazon listing shows the ring deployed as a grip; you can wear it like a ring and it supports the iPhone. You can also set it on the extended ring and it works like an easel. Mostly; it’s much more comfortable than holding up a large phone with your small finger!

Nice review!

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I am waiting on my Google Pixel 6 Pro, I have already received my M-Force case by Moment and waiting on my phone grip!

I’ll update once I receive all my new goodies - hoping the phone grip will help work with my car mount - since testing the case alone was not very strong! Yuck.

Great review and photos of the MagGo Grip! And nice thinking with the cable tie! Thanks for sharing!

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Good review and photos @SpencerJames :ok_hand:

Use of the cable tidy is a good one :+1: had similar issues on a MagSafe battery pack which has the same finger loop for holding / stand.

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